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our team

We’re a passionate group of Bourbon nerds who like to have fun.

Headshot of Jeff & Melissa Mattingly

Jeff & Melissa Mattingly

CEO, Founder —————— HR, Co-Founder

harry richart, IV


J. Mattingly 1845 Logo on a black background

Sal Carmona

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Savanna Mattingly

Savanna Mattingly

Head of marketing

Headshot of Mitchell Langley

mitchell Langley

Sales and Business Development

Headshot of Jeff Hall

jeff Hall

Distillery Technician

Headshot of Cecil Brown

Cecil Brown

Head Distiller

Headshot of Zach "Leroy" Jones

Zach “Leroy” jones

Head of Barrel Crafting

Headshot of Bradley Jones

bradley jones

production Manager

Dakota Towles

Head of Bottle Blending Experience

J. Mattingly 1845 Logo on a black background

Senn Nnadi

Gift Shop Team Lead

Headshot of Cameron Mattingly

Cameron Mattingly

Vice President, Production

J. Mattingly 1845 Logo on a black background

Megan Riley

Director of Consumer Experience

Aaron Mullally

Head of whiskey blending

Headshot of Dan Peeper

Dan peeper

Barrel Pick Specialist

Benny & MJ

24/7 Distillery security officers

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